New member: Foxtrail Portugal


From Switzerland, where it already has more than 2.5 million users on more than 60 trails, Foxtrail has begun its expansion to new locations in Europe, such as Helsinki, Berlin, Potsdam, Nuremberg, Rome, Paris, and London.

This year is openning in Vancouver, Canada, and in the city of Porto, Portugal. It’s focused on outdoor trails in urban environment, but also mountain trails, and some of theme indoor.

Foxtrail is an adventure with challenges and riddles that transform cities, towns, villages, and the countryside into a real playing ground that requires intelligence and team spirit until the mission is accomplished.

The Foxtrail concept

A mission to protect local heritage

In narrative terms, the Fox is an agent of a Foundation that challenges the players to defend the cultural, natural and environmental heritage, with the help of the bat Herbert.

Groups of 2 to 7 people will undergo a real test, where the main objective is to save local heritage from the interests of a villain, Grimbart, that wants to attack the whole world.

During the trail, participants are challenged to solve riddles that are physically installed (stations) in different locations of the city, no time limit – at their own rhythm. In average, for about 150 to 180 minutes (long trails) or 90 to 120 minutes (short trails) they walk and explore places playfully and challenge their skill in mechanical games, augmented reality and various secret codes.

Upon completing the mission, they will be admitted to FOX and win a secret badge and the keys to the city – and can accumulate several on each trail they make.

Foxtrail is for people of all ages. It is for tourists (national and international), but also for residents, schools, and companies.

It’s the ideal activity for those who:

  • Value team activities, outdoors, with physical and intellectual stimulation.
  • Want to discover something new even when they think they know everything.
  • Have the spirit of adventure and appreciate outdoor culture.

In short, Foxtrail is attainable to everyone that is up to a challenge and being surprised by its bewildering (and often unexpected) special effects.

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