About us

The Swiss-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Suíça em Portugal, CCISP) is a private association established in 1987. At that time, leading Swiss companies in Portugal were seeking a common business platform to enhance their networking and exchange experiences.
Today, the CCISP operates as a bilateral Chamber of Commerce, serving as a bridge between Switzerland and Portugal.
The foundation of the CCISP lies in its members, Swiss and Portuguese companies that form our business platform. Consequently, CCISP’s services are primarily provided to our members.

Our mission

Defend the interests of our members by leveraging our experience and our extensive contact network for their benefit.

Deliver valuable and personalized services to Swiss and Portuguese companies investing in either of these countries.

Foster networking and matchmaking to generate business opportunities for our stakeholders.

Our mission
Our vision

Our vision

Being a trustworthy and accurate source of information to support Swiss and Portuguese companies.

Being a reliable partner guided by values such as transparency, integrity and economic efficiency.

Promoting economic growth between Switzerland and Portugal.

Adding value to economic relations and the bilateral exchange of goods and services between Switzerland and Portugal.

Meet our team

As a private trade association, the Chamber’s organisation comprises of several statutory bodies and administrative departments, including the Board of Directors, the General Assembly Board, the Audit Committee, and the Secretariat with its administrative departments.


Consisting of up to nine directors plus a representative of the Swiss Embassy in Portugal with observer status.
Each director is responsible for one or several areas, according to the following current outline:

Antonio is an accomplished executive who served as the CEO of Zurich Portugal between 2007-2022. With extensive expertise in risk assessment for financial and security matters, he is a trusted advisor for the chamber, assisting members and the management in identifying potential vulnerabilities and implementing strategies to mitigate risks. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Antonio's passion for music shines when the sun in Lisbon is going down, where he showcases his talents as a piano player and band member.

António Alberto Martins Bico

Manuel P. Barrocas is a founding partner of the Lisbon law firm Barrocas Advogados. In addition to a long career in advocacy and international arbitration, he has also taught Arbitration Law in the Lisbon University. Manuel has been a valuable legal advisor for the activities of the CCISP. On a personal note, Manuel has a passion for music, sports and loves family and friends.

Manuel P. Barrocas

Vice-president Center and South
Antonio Raab was a board member of the Ursula Zindel/Hilti Foundation until January 2023. Previously, he served as the CEO of Hilti Brazil from 1986 to 2002 and as the CEO of Hilti Portugal from 2002 to 2018. With decades of experience in the industry, he has built an impressive high-level contact network, particularly in Northern Portugal and Southeast Brazil. In his personal life, his passions include golf and taking walks with his dogs.

António Raab

Vice-president North
Jean Philippe Sauthier, managing partner of the family company Luso Helvetica SA, a Swiss who grew up in Portugal, studied law in Lausanne, became lawyer's license in Geneva. After 3 years, back to Portugal. He internalized the social and business culture of both countries like few others. His private passions are family and sports.

Jean-Philippe Sauthier

Carla Rebelo, since January 2022 Global Head of Adecco's Permanent Recruitment, SVP, having previously held the position of CEO of Adecco Portugal for 6 years. PhD in Management (Decision Sciences), with over 30 years of professional experience, acquired in Portugal and abroad. University Professor at ISCTE, the training and development of talent are her main passions. She loves dogs and cats, wine discoveries, history and philosophy.

Carla Rebelo

Board Member
Anna Lenz, Nestlé Portugal CEO since 2022. Graduated in Mathematics from ETH Zurich, an Executive MBA from London Business School and fluent in six languages. Two decades of experience in Nestlé throughout 29 countries. Spending time with her husband and three young kids as well as her friends is a what she enjoys most. And although her heart is in Portugal, she loves to keep traveling around the world.

Anna Lenz

Board Member
André Vasconcelos is CEO of Roche Portugal since March 2021. Previously he has headed Roche Bulgaria and worked in different Roche departments in Switzerland, Spain and Central America, which makes him a profound expert on the healthcare sector. In his private life, André likes enjoying the company of his family and friends, and music, amongst other arts.

André Vasconcelos

Board Member
Marco Vale, Managing Director MSC Portugal since 2019. Naval Engineer and MBA with 20+ years of expertise in Transportation & Logistics sector. Enjoys the countryside and long meals with family and friends.

Marco Vale

Board Member
José Manuel Soares has accumulated 18 years as the managing director of Sika Portugal, with a 3-year break during which he headed Sika Brazil. Thanks to this extensive experience, he possesses a deep understanding and vast network within the construction and real estate industry, as well as logistics and distribution. His personal passions are family and friends but also sports and travelling in the world.

José Manuel Soares

Board Member


Gregor Zemp, General Secretary CCISP since 2010. PhD in International Private Law, with 2 decades of experience in enabling business between Switzerland and Portugal. Loves family and friends, nature (particularly permaculture projects), olive oil, dogs, horse riding and my everyday learning moments.

Gregor Zemp

General secretary


After some years working in advertising and promotion, in 1997 Susanna de Gioia left Milano for Portugal. Since then, she works as web developer and started her colaboration with CCISP in 2007. She loves swimming, in the sea as well as in swimming pools.

Susanna de Gioia



João Leão is the managing director of the company Knowledgeparcel Lda. which is responsible for the accounting of the CCISP. Many years of experience in this area are of great benefit to our organization with its very strict financial reporting requirements. In his private life, João cultivates a passion for motorcycles.

João Leão



José Barros Sales has been a lawyer for 50 years, initially practicing individually and afterwards in his own law firm, Barros Sales & Associados, which merged in 2022 to form the new law firm Pragma Advogados. His lifelong dedication to the legal profession, frequently acting for Swiss citizens, companies and public entities, makes him the perfect fit for the role of President of the Board of the General Assembly. In his personal life, he enjoys family, friends and reading.

José Barros Sales

Lawyer since 1985, Arbitrator on the CAS (PT) since 2017, Carlos Lopes Ribeiro establishes his own law office in Lisbon city centre in 2004. With four decades of experience his activity ranges from Commercial and Corporate Law, to Labour Law, Family Law, Sports Law or Civil and Corporate Litigation, he is a well-qualified member of the Board of the General Assembly. He does mountain hiking and cycling, likes all kind of sports and enjoys a good book.

Carlos Lopes Ribeiro



Orlando Vogler Guiné is Of Counsel in the Banking & Finance practice area at the law firm Vieira de Almeida & Associados, which he joined in 2006. This legal expertise is important for his role as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Outside of work he dedicates his time to family&friends, sports and travelling. His Swiss roots are in Aargau.

Orlando Vogler Guiné

Hugo Lopes is the managing director of the Portuguese branch of the international consulting company Adminex. Being a licensed accountant and a seasoned expert in the field of bookkeeping and accounting, he is the perfect fit for the role of a member of the Audit Committee. Hugo’s passions include oenology and spending time with his family.

Hugo Lopes

Audit Committee member
Catarina Paralta has been SGS's Country Manager in Portugal since January 2024. She is a chemical engineer and has an Executive MBA from INDEG-ISCTE Executive Education. She has worked in various management positions at SGS over the last 15 years. In her personal life, Catarina loves horse riding, painting and is increasingly taking up paddle tennis.

Catarina Paralta

Audit Committee member

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