The CCISP is a private association, with the mission of defending the interests of members and strengthen economic relations between Switzerland and Portugal.

Therefore, CCISP bases its existence on the members, both Swiss and Portuguese companies that build our business platform. Hence the CCISP services are primarily provided to members.

For other, not associated entities (third parties) which request information or services, a fee for the expense associated to the assignment applies. This also allows granting a good quality for the accomplishment of the mandate.

By seeking for a balance between the fulfillment of our mission to support businesses and to have a sustainable operation, the services can be provided under the following conditions:

  • Simple information requests: free, handled on a short-term;
  • Requests with a certain degree of complexity and depth, requiring research: Members of the CCISP enjoy a free service of 1h/year. To other entities a budget will be elaborated according to the use of our resources;
  • Projects: Elaboration of a budget on the basis of the volume of work estimated.