Peter Eckert – Vinhos Lda.

Peter Eckert – Vinhos Lda.


Peter Eckert – Vinhos Lda.

Quinta das Marias, located in Oliveira do Conde, in the Dão region, was founded in 1991 Peter Eckert and his wife Elisabeth Eckert, who decided to buy 4 hectares of abandoned land to start Quinta das Marias. They began by planting 2 hectares to build a vineyard and, over time, they acquired more land until reaching the current 12 hectares.

The first wines began to be produced in 1998, and it wasn't until 1999 that they had their first quality harvest. In 2003 they launched their first single variety red Touriga-Nacional and in 2006 their first single variety white, Encruzado.They have currently have 6 red wine, 4 white, and 1 rosé varieties.

Until today they have tried to maintain the quality, elegance and refinement of their wines.

Peter Eckert Vinhos. Lda.

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Quinta das Marias, Oliveira do Conde - Carregal do Sal
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