Business Awareness Support

At the Chamber of Commerce, we understand that entering a new business ecosystem can be a challenging task. However, attracting talent is only possible if your brand becomes known in the market.

Our mission with the “Business Awareness Support” program is to assist new companies in Portugal in building their brand in this market and increasing its awareness. We achieve this by leveraging our extensive network and event organization experience, allowing companies to make the best use of our event agenda. E.g., set yourself apart from the crowd by sponsoring one of our events.

Companies aiming to enhance their visibility can contribute content to our communication channels. This approach ensures that your brand resonates with the Swiss-Portuguese business community, thereby boosting online presence and facilitating talent attraction and strategic partnerships.

Do you want to learn more about our “Business Awareness Support” service? Please contact us.

General remarks

  1. Tailor-Made Services: Given the varying sizes and stages of project development for each company, CCISP customizes its services to meet the specific needs of every client. Experience has shown that this approach is the fairest and most accurate way to create value for the client company. There are no standard “drawer solutions”, even for the elaboration of company lists.
  2. Service Pricing: In line with our tailor-made approach mentioned above, prices are individually formulated and offered for each project based on its specific requirements.