Contact Search - Matchmaking

Unlock the power of our extensive business network with our exclusive “Contact Search” service. With this service, we leverage our vast and well-established network to help you identify potential business partners, suppliers, and distributors, all tailored to your needs.

We assist in your partnership scouting by crafting a list of contacts that align with your specific industry, objectives, and geographic preferences, both within the CCISP member companies and the general CCISP database, which includes Swiss and Portuguese companies.

The first stage of this service mandate involves composing a longlist (an address list of typically 20-30 target companies, depending on the economic sector). This is followed by creating a shortlist of 3-10 companies whose profiles best correspond to the sought-after target company.

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General remarks

  1. Tailor-Made Services: Given the varying sizes and stages of project development for each company, CCISP customizes its services to meet the specific needs of every client. Experience has shown that this approach is the fairest and most accurate way to create value for the client company. There are no standard “drawer solutions”, even for the elaboration of company lists.
  2. Service Pricing: In line with our tailor-made approach mentioned above, prices are individually formulated and offered for each project based on its specific requirements.