Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Suíça em Portugal

Local know-how for your business

Being part of the CCISP community means enjoying discounts, special terms and even cost free at various services.
CCISP opens and promotes numerous communication channels for your company, whether through our monthly newsletter, digital platforms or our exclusive events.

CCISP seeks to enhance your business and find the right partners for you in Switzerland and Portugal, by providing contacts for the key persons of selected companies.
Whatever you plan to do in Portugal or Switzerland, or whatever problem you need to solve in one of these countries, we are your first partner of trust to get things done.

To be a member of CCISP is to be part of a vast and active network of business partnerships, but it is also crucial to have the opportunity to reach out to new markets.
Business opportunities normally originate in networking activities.

Os nossos Serviços

Fact Finding Trip

✓ Up to 5 days everywhere in Portugal
✓ Full meeting agenda
✓ Need to know information to start a business in Portugal

Contact Search - Matchmaking

✓ Identify potential business partners in our Swiss and Portuguese company's database
✓ Promote networking
✓Entry and connection to other markets

Partner Search

✓ Mediation between companies
✓ Specialized visits to companies, industrial establishments, research centers
✓ Organization of missions for groups between Portugal and Switzerland.

Business Awareness Support

✓ Definition of communication strategies
✓ Press advisory services
✓ Creation and production of dissemination events

Operational Support

✓ Individualized approach
✓ Helping companies finding solutions for legal, administrative or real estate issues
✓ Client proximity

HR/Talent Search Support

✓ Publishing job offers
✓ Foster contact with HR specialist for specific sector
✓ Access to associations and contact base

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We were very pleased with the well-organized Fact Finding Trip organized by the CCISP in May 2022. Their meticulous planning, insightful guidance, and unwavering commitment to ensuring our objectives were the basis for a well-informed decision making.
Thanks to their valuable service we continue to maintain an excellent relationship with the Chamber.

Jelena Petrovic

Head of Operations RS/PT, Group Operations│Core Team, TX Services
Jelena Petrovic

Our partnership with the CCISP has proven to be of great value.

Their commitment to excellence and their status as a reliable local partner greatly enhance our ability to serve Swiss businesses effectively in Portugal.

Beat Kuster

Senior Consultant Southern Europe + Benelux, Switzerland Global Enterprise
Beat Kuster

In January 2023, our company immensely benefited from the Fact Finding Trip organized by the CCISP.
In just 3 days, we were able to gather all the necessary information for decision-making while simultaneously establishing valuable contacts with companies, official institutions and universities.

Mário Vidal

Director Transformation, Beyond Gravity Services AG
Mário Vidal

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