Our Services

Fact Finding Trip

✓ A deep dive into Portugal’s business landscape
✓ Meeting agenda with tailored insights
✓ Build first strategic relationships
✓ Gather all relevant information to take a data-driven decision

Contact Search - Matchmaking

✓ Leverage our extensive business network for potential partners, suppliers, and distributors tailored to your needs
✓ Get company lists according to your preferences
✓ Streamline partnership scouting with our existing database

Partner Search

✓ Introduction and mediation to potential business partners
✓ In English, Swiss German, German, or French, increasing your chances of success
✓ Take advantage from our neutral intermediary status, ensuring your outreach is credible and backed by the Chamber of Commerce's reputation

Business Awareness Support

✓ Brand building support for new companies in Portugal to attract talent
✓ Utilize our communication channels
✓ Benefit from our extensive network and event organization experience, and make the most of our events program

Operational Support

✓ Safely navigate the establishment process by making use of our experience and contact network
✓ Simplify the setup process, enabling you to focus on core business issues
✓ Provide guidance, adapt, and offer practical solutions when necessary

HR/Talent Search Support

✓ In today's dynamic business environment, finding the right talent is the key for success
✓ Our mission is to connect you with competent recruitment service companies across all sectors
✓ Our vibrant contact network enables you to connect with the right people