Operational Support

With our “Operational Support,” we assist clients in navigating the intricate process of establishing a new company in Portugal, helping them avoid time-consuming and costly errors while simplifying their journey. We support new businesses in Portugal to overcome potential administrative and bureaucratic challenges during the setup process.

With decades of experience, CCISP offers expert guidance and practical solutions to ensure a smooth and efficient establishment process. Instead of getting stuck on a problem, we make use of our experience and network to find effective solutions, allowing you to focus your time on business-relevant issues.

Our ultimate goal is to make your project a success and help you achieve your investment goals in Portugal, no matter the obstacles that may arise during implementation. Embark on your business journey in Portugal with confidence, knowing that the Chamber of Commerce’s “Operational Support” service is here to guide you, adapt, and provide solutions if circumstances differ from your original plan.

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General remarks

  1. Tailor-Made Services: Given the varying sizes and stages of project development for each company, CCISP customizes its services to meet the specific needs of every client. Experience has shown that this approach is the fairest and most accurate way to create value for the client company. There are no standard “drawer solutions”, even for the elaboration of company lists.
  2. Service Pricing: In line with our tailor-made approach mentioned above, prices are individually formulated and offered for each project based on its specific requirements.