Fact Finding Trip

Embark on a tailored 2 up to 5-day journey to explore the potential of Portugal as a business destination with the Chamber of Commerce’s exclusive “Fact Finding Trip (FFT).”

The FFT is designed to provide your company with critical insights into the business environment, enabling data-driven decisions with confidence regarding establishing your business in Portugal.

During this mission, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various aspects of Portugal’s business landscape. CCISP will organize a comprehensive itinerary, including site visits to other Swiss companies to gather testimonials about setting up a business in Portugal.

You will forge valuable initial relationships, immerse yourself in the business culture and ecosystem of Portugal, all while gaining firsthand knowledge of regulatory frameworks, investment incentives, local market dynamics, and networking opportunities, notably with key stakeholders such as:

  • Lawyers
  • Accountants/Tax specialists
  • Real estate specialists: Owners, promoters, and brokers
  • HR/Talent search specialists
  • Local institutional investment organizations
  • Universities, schools, and polytechnic institutes
  • Municipalities or state agencies crucial for the client company’s business.

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General remarks

  1. Tailor-Made Services: Given the varying sizes and stages of project development for each company, CCISP customizes its services to meet the specific needs of every client. Experience has shown that this approach is the fairest and most accurate way to create value for the client company. There are no standard “drawer solutions”, even for the elaboration of company lists.
  2. Service Pricing: In line with our tailor-made approach mentioned above, prices are individually formulated and offered for each project based on its specific requirements.